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Prevention is Important

It is important to prevent negative medical, social, and emotional impacts before they occur.

Factors involved in prevention include proper nutrition, social supports, family stability, and much more. Data shows that these factors can have large and long-term effects on health outcomes.

Why is Good Mental Health Important for Your Child?

Good mental health lets young people live their best lives. It is a key component in a child’s healthy development. It positively affects his or her ability to learn, interact with peers, and reach his or her full potential.

As a Parent, How Can You Help?

We all have a hand in promoting good mental health. One key role for parents and family members is being aware of the warning signs for mental health concerns. It is important to identify any concerns as early as possible in children and adolescents.

How Does Early Identification Help?

It guides parents to find and use helpful resources. It leads to clear dialogue with health care providers. And it allows young people to access the care they need for any mental health concerns. All these steps help ensure that children have the best opportunities to lead full and productive lives.

Positive Impacts

Social and emotional development is a primary benefit of good mental health. This affects every part of a child’s life. Children who develop good social and emotional skills are able to:

Make and Keep Friends

Understand and Express Emotions

Achieve Success in School

Develop Healthy Eating and Sleeping Patterns

Resources for Parents and Family Members

Access these videos and flyers to help you identify and navigate any child's mental health concerns.

Mental Wellness

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Bipolar Disorder

How To Support Your Child Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder


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Supporting Families During COVID-19

Supporting Your Family's Emotional Health During COVID-19

Grief Resources

Where Can I Learn More?

Parents and Family Members

Make sure your child’s physician and other staff in the primary care practice know about Project

Download and print a Project TEACH flyer to give to your physician.