Project TEACH helps you provide the best possible care to women both during and after pregnancy

This initiative gives you direct access to mental health experts who can provide guidance on how to:

Identify effective evidence-based screening and treatment strategies

Help support mothers and their families

Find linkages and referrals to community-based resources

Consultation Services

New York maternal health providers can join and benefit from case-based learning with their peers. Consultation with expert psychiatrists in maternal mental health is available through an open conference line. Interactive consultation calls take place 2 times per week.*

  • Tuesdays 3pm - 4pm
  • Thursdays 1pm - 2pm

The hour-long open conference calls will start with facilitated discussion followed by the opportunity to ask specific questions. Any provider may schedule in advance a specific ten-minute window to call in and present a brief case or question and get a response. Providers may join the entire call or call in only for their scheduled consultation time.

Providers can also submit non-urgent questions by email. An expert physician will respond within 2 business days.

Reserve a time for your question

*Dates and times subject to change, please check the calendar or schedule for exact dates and times.

1 in 7 moms and 1 in 10 dads experience postpartum depression*

Linkages & Referrals

Our Regional Providers are here to help you find linkages and referrals. Resources are available by calling Project TEACH Regional Provider in your area. Locate your county on the map. Then use the contact information for your region to request linkage and referral information.



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