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Takeaways from the Annual Forum

The Annual Forum was held on September 14, 2018. Its purpose was to incubate strategies and solutions for moving prevention science from policy to practice in New York State. Click below to view some key takeaways from three of the presentations.

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Video Presentations

Presenter: Mary McCord, MD, MPH

Where Do We Start

Presenter: Rahil Briggs, PsyD

How Do We Continue

Presenter: Glenn Saxe, MD

How Do We Address Children Facing Adversity

Presenter: Polina Umylny, PhD; Elizabeth A. Isakson, MD, FAAP

Socioeconomic/Environmenal Determinants of Behavioral Health and ACE’s

Presenter: Laurie Miller Brotman, PhD

Scaling Family-Centered Early Childhood Preventive Intervention to Benefit Children and Families Across NY State

Presenter: Lauren J. Tobias, MPP

Health Equity, ACEs, and Improving Childhood Outcomes

Presenter: Donna M. Bradbury, MA, LMHC

Improving the Health of all Children in their Communities through Community-based and Child Advocacy Efforts Across New York State

Presenter: Shirley Berger, DrPH, MPH, MA

ThriveNYC: Building Capacity to Support Young Children’s Social-Emotional Development

Presenter: Suzanne Brundage, MS

Successful Community-Based Programs that Have Tackled Behavioral Health and Related Health and Wellness Issues Through Prevention Science

Presenter: Kate Breslin, MPH, MCRP

Moving from Policy to Practice