Project TEACH

Project TEACH offers training in several different formats for pediatric primary care providers (PCPs). These programs support your ability to assess, treat and manage mild-to-moderate mental health concerns in your practice.

Intensive Trainings

Project TEACH also offers specialized, in-depth programs in each region. These trainings address how to recognize, assess, and manage mild-to-moderate mental health concerns in children and adolescents.


Core Trainings

The core trainings are led by our regional provider teams on-site at your practice or at a nearby location. Core trainings can be provided through a series of 2-3 hour sessions or in one longer program depending on your needs. Our regional provider teams cover assessment and management of the important mental health issues that children and adolescents face.

Online Training

Project TEACH provides free access to on-demand content through its online learning management system. Sessions focus on a variety of topics related to mental health in children and youth.